Photo of Linda Sink    

Linda Sink
Chief Academic Strategist for
School Excellence & Innovation

1300 Camino Sierra Vista
Santa Fe, NM 87505



The Office of the Chief Academic Strategist for School Excellence and Innovation provides support to all schools by ensuring school leaders are supported to improve teaching and learning. This office oversees the Associate Superintendents who provide leadership and support to their respective school leaders.

Our team focuses on:
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Supporting Teaching and Learning 
    • Common Core Standards Based Instruction
    • Teacher Professional Development
    • Data Workshops
  • Student Success
Our vision is to serve and invest in our future citizens and tomorrow’s leaders by promoting the fundamental principles of equity and equality.


The Chief Academic Strategist for School Excellence and Innovation works closely with the Associate Superintendents for School Support to provide school administrators support for their work to improve teaching and learning, and to maintain school safety and security.

Current Initiatives

  • School Walk-Throughs, observing and monitoring Problems of Practice
  • Instructional Round PLCs for principals and assistant principals
  • Building Viable Career Pathways
  • SFPS Teacher Evaluations
  • Data-Driven Instruction
  • Ongoing Professional Development
  • Equity Advisory Council
  • Athletics