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Milagro Middle School

Marc DuCharme Photo
Marc DuCharme
Principal, Milagro Middle School

Wk: 505-467-3303
Cell: 505-699-8277  

A message from Principal Marc DuCharme

On January 9, 2017, the Santa Fe School Board voted 3 –2 to name our new middle school  Milagro Middle School.  During the month of January, I worked with the current 7th grade class of Milagro MS to choose our mascot-the Thunder, and our school colors-light blue and gold. We did not take this decision lightly. We went through an extensive vetting of possible mascots and school colors.  We first met on January 17th during their history classes to come up with possible mascots.  I put together a poll using Google Forms and Google Classroom to determine the top choices of each period, which became the semi-final list of 18 choices.  From that list, the students voted Angels, Blue Devils, Bulldogs, Royals and Thunder as the final list with Thunder finishing with the most votes from that list.  They were also  given a sample pallet of the top colors they had discussed and voted on which one they thought would be the best.  The combination of light blue and light gold, like UCLA colors, was the top pick.

Now that we have a name, mascot and school colors, I would like to meet with as many parents as possible.  I would like to meet you, show you the school plans, and talk about school programs and staffing.  Additionally, I want to start the foundations of our Parent –Teacher Organization.  With that in mind, I would like to hold regular drop in forums to get your input on any ideas you have for the school.  I will be available to listen and answer questions you may have. The drop in meetings will be held every other Wednesday from 5:30—7:00 starting in the Capshaw library on February 15th.   
Drop-in meetings are available every other Wednesday from 5:30—7:00 starting in the Capshaw Middle School library.
· February 16th (Capshaw)
· March 1st (TBD)
· March 15th (TBD)
· March 29th (TBD)
· April 12th (TBD)
· April 26th (TBD)
· May 10th (TBD)

Also, if you would like me to come to your school and meet with your parent group, please contact your principal and/or PTA leaders and we can work out a time to meet.


Our vision is to provide a model middle school that is the heart of the community grounded in our rich heritage. Our students embrace a culture of inclusivity, a love of learning, respect and social responsibility. Our school fosters an environment of creativity, rigor and innovation, in which all students will become conscientious members of our community. Through education, all things are possible.

Core Values

  • Every student, staff member and parent is supported by the entire community.
  • Education is a right that comes with responsibility.
  • Every person will value and model integrity, respect for all, and a solid work ethic.
  • We engage our challenges and celebrate our successes.
  • ALL students deserve equal access to opportunities.
  • ALL stakeholders deserve a safe environment for teaching and learning.


Students, staff and parents of the New Middle School are collectively committed to embracing and encouraging innovative programs designed to foster student leadership and a love of learning. We provide access to a menu of classes that includes arts, music, and technology, as well as a variety of extracurricular activities. We create a platform where technology and learning address the diverse learning styles of OUR students. With inspiring curriculum, every student is motivated, prepared and enthusiastic about high school.