Steve Carrillo, BOE Member, District 1

Steven J. Carrillo

Steven J. Carrillo

Member, District 1 - district map Oath Taken: March 3, 2015, Term Expires: 2019

Atalaya, Acequia Madre, Chaparral, E.J. Martinez, Wood Gormley and Santa Fe High

505-699-7478 Email:

505-986-0445 fax

Steve. Carrillo has lived in Santa Fe since March, 1991. Prior, he worked in Los Angeles as a P.R. Director and political campaign organizer. He moved to New Mexico to work with labor unions as an organizer and contract negotiator. Since 1994 Carrillo has been a food & beverage manager with several restaurants and hotels, and consulted on several start-ups. Currently Carrillo works in the financial services industry. His son Leo attends Santa Fe High School. Carrillo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Loyola Marymount University.