Recycling and Waste Reduction

Recycling and Waste Reduction – Improving the Bottom Line

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All SFPS Facilities are expected to participate in the District-wide recycling and waste reduction program. While a 32% recycling diversion rate, a 30% reduction in waste to landfill, and a 50% food waste to compost rate is fantastic, we still have a way to go towards reducing our resource-use across the District. 

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Wondering what materials are recyclable?

Please refer to SFPS' current Mixed Recycling Guide.

SFPS Waste Reduction Initiatives – as of January 2017

  • Electronic Waste – once Board and State approved for disposal, 100% recycled with R2 certified Albuquerque Recycling.
  • Furniture Excess – stored and recirculated in South Campus A Building; also donated to non-profits, other schools, or charitable organizations.
  • Construction remodels – metal waste is recycled, but very little other recycling done on construction sites.
  • Disposable Cafeteria Trays – when used, trays are 100% pre- and post-consumer waste and compostable.  Some Styrofoam is still in use, especially when compostable trays aren’t available.
  • Utensils - All eating utensils at High Schools are plastic, and thrown away daily. Washable metal utensils are used at all elementary and K-8 schools.
  • Chemical and Lighting Waste - Old paint, floor wax, floor stripper, and fluorescent lamps, as well as CFLs, are being collected and removed on a quarterly basis by Advanced Chemical Transport.
  • Metal - Metal is removed from waste, such as a broken chairs or old fence, is collected in a 30-yard roll-off container at General Services, and recycled as needed.
  • Cardboard – Cardboard generated from large installation jobs and other District activities is collected in a 30-yard roll-off container at General Services, and recycled as needed. All vendors are asked to recycle all cardboard and other recyclables when working for SFPS – contractors working on District installation projects usually recycle cardboard, but much more can be done by contractors during on-site construction jobs.
  • All but 1 facility (Wood Gormley) has a blue, mixed recycling dumpster for all recyclables, except glass.
  • Glass – Glass is pack-in/pack-out, as our schools don’t generate it, and recycling clubs are often student run, so safety it’s a concern.
  • Plastic Water Bottles - Several pilot water fountains with filter and water bottle refill have been installed. Each has a running digital count of plastic bottles eliminated. These should be the District-wide replacement models going forward.
  • Recycling Receptacles - Interior recycling bins at all SFPS facilities, exterior recycling bins at approximately 90% of SFPS facilities.
  • Food Waste - Food waste is collected and composted at 14 out of 28 schools. 


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