Congratulations Gonzales 7th Grade Volleyball Middle School Tournament Champs! 

WELCOME to Santa Fe Public Schools Athletic Department

We are proud of our schools’ traditions, our students, our athletic staff and the outstanding community of parents and patrons that provide such amazing support to our athletic programs and our student athletes.  I am especially proud of our student athletes and their commitment to their education and their teams.  In choosing to participate in athletics, our fine young women and men are developing personal qualities encompassed in the core values of respect, integrity, and responsibility all which will lead to their success in life.  Our student athletes who have chosen to promote Santa Fe Public Schools in a positive manner deserve the utmost respect.  As a school district all athletic personnel and student athletes are committed to promote the New Mexico Activities Association’s new sportsmanship initiative,Compete with Class.”   We invite you as supporters of Santa Fe Public Schools to embrace and model this new initiative as well.

Sincerest Regards,

Sara Baca
Athletic Coordinator