Classroom Fellows Program - for new teachers

What is the Classroom Fellows Program?

Santa Fe Public Schools is partnering with three education institutions, St. John’s College, the Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) and the Academy for the Love of Learning, to develop the Santa Fe Classroom Fellows Program.  The Classroom Fellows Program is a cohort program which will recruit approximately 10-15 local college graduates who seek to participate in a high-paced alternative teaching program leading to certification.  This alternative route will allow Fellows to teach on an intern license while completing their requirements for professional licensure.

Superintendent Joel Boyd stated, “Santa Fe has a dedicated, hard-working group of teachers in our District and this new Classroom Fellows Program seeks to add to that talent pool by recruiting local college graduates to fill the teacher shortages that persist each year.”  He continued, “I am incredibly excited about the collaboration of local education institutions that is taking place to address the needs of K-12 public education.”

The Classroom Fellows Program is being developed to address the critical teacher vacancies that SFPS experiences each year, with a specific target to fill open math, science, bilingual, and special education classroom teacher positions.  The ideal candidate will have a strong academic base in the area of desired certification, a commitment to the Santa Fe community, and demonstrated leadership within his/her school or community.

Each Fellow will complete intensive summer course work from an accelerated program of study designed particularly for the Classroom Fellows Program by the SFCC and Academy for the Love of Learning.  As part of their training, Fellows will complete a student-teaching placement during the summer and work in close collaboration with a mentor teacher as they build their professional skills.

In an effort to build a sustainable program to address the District’s teacher shortages, recruitment efforts will be focused on attracting candidates graduating from local colleges, such as St. John’s College, and college graduates who are local to Santa Fe and looking to return.  The goal is to engage recent college graduates who already have a vested interest and commitment to Santa Fe and are looking to extend their commitment to the local community by teaching in a critical shortage area.  The program will also be open to currently employed Educational Assistants who already have an undergraduate degree and want to pursue a teaching license.