Energy and Water Conservation

Energy and Water Conservation at SFPS - always a priority!

In an effort to pinpoint actual building/campus use of water, electricity, and natural gas, as well as generation of solar electricity, we built a use/cost data base for every SFPS facility.  This allows us to track use and cost over time, measure remodel or retrofit driven changes, prioritize projects, and predict fiscal resources needed during our annual budget building each spring. Monthly, weekly, and even daily monitoring of building use allows us to more effectively identify areas of waste, preventative maintenance hot spots, water leaks, and campuses where retrofits or upgrades can have the most impact. 

We also strive to share this information with our stakeholders, so our Energy and Water Report Cards are uploaded monthly to this web page.  If our campuses have solar photovoltaic generating capacity, a Solar PV graph is included for that campus, as well as a utility vs solar PV graph, showing the monthly comparison of electrical demand and where it was sourced.  An All SFPS Locations set of graphs is also available, to determine our overall organizational use as well.  We include individual and District average Energy Star scores, and are working on a Greenhouse Gas number as well. The data is shown from the start of the Conservation Program, back in Summer of 2010.

Please click on the link to the left to view individual campus Energy and Water Report Cards, as well as an ALL SFPS Locations set of graphs, showing usage for electricity, natural gas, water, Solar PV, and a utility (PNM) vs Solar generation source graph.

At SFPS, we believe that conservation and reducing our use is always the first step towards environmental stewardship.