Mentor/Tutor Volunteer Opportunities

Mentor/Tutor Volunteers work with students within the District and must meet all requirements including training and workshops, must be identified while onsite, and may not be left with students unsupervised.

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SFPS Adelante Program offers one on one tutoring for students in unstable housing or homeless situations who are in great academic need. Just 2 hours per week of a volunteer's time can keep a student in school and help him/her reach success! We provide training, materials and snacks for the student and the volunteer gets to request whether they would like to assist students in the elementary or secondary level.

The Santa Fe Alliance for Science links school sites with STEM professionals who volunteer their time to help students expand horizons surrounding STEM learning, aspire and see how science is important, and learn how scientists solve problems. All topics correlate with what curriculum teachers are teaching in their classrooms. Alliance for Science volunteers are available for classroom presentations and "ask a scientist" classroom visits, mentoring students on science projects, and tutoring high school students on STEM subject material.

AVID students are the first in their families to go to college and receive in class tutoring in a Socratic style protocol by trained tutors with a 7:1 student to teacher ratio. The tutors are college students (when available) and act as quasi mentors as well as subject area tutors. The tutorial is inquiry driven and student led with the tutor acting as a coach. Teachers are always present to monitor and coach the tutors and students in the process. Students also need support with college and scholarship applications, particularly in constructing well written essays to accompany their college or scholarship applications. Volunteers with strong writing skills are greatly appreciated! AVID opportunities are available at Santa Fe and Capital High Schools, and a few of our middle schools. 

This program professionally supports one on one mentoring for youth ages 5-18 in a school based setting. It provides elementary school children the opportunity to meet with adult or high school mentors for one hour a week during the school year on school grounds. School based mentoring services are provided at select schools throughout the district, including Aspen, Salazar, Kearny, Carlos Gilbert, Atalaya and Sweeney.   

Girls Inc. of Santa Fe's mentoring program provides a space for girls ages 9-12 to build strong, long lasting, and trusting relationships with inspirational adult mentors in a group setting. Through the support of Girls Inc. facilitators, our mentors are inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

CIS is recruiting volunteer tutors, classroom assistants, and site coordinator assistants. Volunteer Tutors give young people an opportunity to have a one on one relationship with a caring adult while improving knowledge and skills, and strengthening self confidence. Tutors are matched with students that are struggling in a particular subject or social/emotional skill, like building positive relationships with others. Classroom Assistants work directly with teachers to help students with learning in the classroom, administrative tasks, and more. CIS Site Coordinators need help with food pick up and distribution, administrative tasks, and more. Volunteers commit a minimum of one hour a week during school and after school hours depending on the needs of the student/teacher/site coordinator. Communities in Schools serves Aspen Community Magnet School (K-8th grades ), César Chávez Community School (Pre K-5th grades), El Camino Real Academy (Pre K-8th grades), Milagro Middle School (7th-8th grades), Nava Elementary (Pre K-6th grades), Salazar Elementary (K-6th grades), Ortiz Middle School (6th-8th grades), Sweeney Elementary School (K-6th grades), Nina Otero Community School (K-8th grades), Ramirez Thomas Elementary School (K-6th grades) and Capital High School (9th-12th grades).

ECO is a school for students who love to learn by doing, using project-based learning and career-connected skill development to boost student motivation, which is the key to academic, career and personal success. Partnering with the Santa Fe Community College and other colleges, ECO offers dual credit, certifications, and associate degrees in the following areas: auto tech, auto collision, sustainable technologies, construction, welding, greenhouse management/aquaponics, environmental science and natural resource management. ECO volunteers will provide in class tutoring in core subjects (English, social studies, math, and science) and career and project mentoring in seven pathways (auto tech, auto collision, construction, welding, greenhouse management and aquaponics, sustainable technologies, and environmental science and natural resource management).

An Initiative of the Interfaith Coalition for Public Education

Nina Otero Community School has a wonderful principal who is starting an Early Readers Program from 7:00 to 7:55 am Monday through Thursday, targeting first-, second-, and third-graders who are very close to reading at grade level and won’t need a lot of remedial help or specialized reading knowledge.  There is a fantastic teacher who oversees the program, and you will play reading games and support a child (or two) in reading aloud to you.  There might be time for you to read aloud sometimes as well!

Help is needed with all elective courses at the high school level. Areas of interest include culinary arts, journalism, music, art, technology, digital art, computer science, computer programming, photography, fine art, and drama.

Exceptional Student services seeks volunteers who will work with students by participating in a variety of activities including reading and community outings/ involvement. Mentors are also needed to assist in providing a support structure for positive social and interactive relationships. Available as needed throughout the District.

The Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) offers seniors (age 55 and over) opportunities to serve as mentors, tutors and caregivers for children and youth with special/exceptional needs. Volunteers provide 20 hours of service weekly to community organizations such as schools and head starts, offer emotional support to children who have been abused and/or neglected, mentor troubled teens and assist children with physical disabilities. Income-eligible volunteers receive modest tax-free stipends, reimbursement for transportation, meals during service, annual physical examinations, and free supplemental insurance while on duty.

Help U Hotline, Helping You Make the Grade
We are here to "help you make the grade," complete assignments, visualize concepts and troubleshoot basic technology

The Help U Hotline is designed to help students in all core subject areas between 4 PM and 6 PM, Monday through Thursday. Tutors and Operators navigate digital learning tools to support students through distance learning and homework assignments. 
The Interfaith Coalition for Public Education is an all volunteer organization that recruits volunteer tutors to help students in all subjects in classroom situations and in after school programs.  Our focus in the present is tutors for César Chávez Community School and Santa Fe High School.  Tutors determine the schedule that fits into their schedule. It is important that each tutor  commits to tutor training and to maintaining a regular schedule in order to build trust with students and to ensure quality tutoring.

For more information contact Elise Packard for tutoring at César Chávez  Community School ( and
Lynn Heffron for tutoring at Santa Fe High School (

Mentoring Kids Works NM creates caring mentorship relationships between 3rd-graders who read below proficiency and paid college/high school students.  The goal is to improve third-grade reading and social-emotional skills.  The organization would benefit from volunteers who wish to help with administrative duties, grant writing and fundraising, and consulting with the staff and board of directors on a variety of initiatives. 

One on one mentoring encourages the success of a student at any grade level by providing them the emotional and academic support of a responsible adult. Being a mentor requires a consistent and reliable individual to help promote academic progress through building a meaningful relationship within an educational setting. Available as needed throughout the District.

The Mother Tongue Project creates and supports relevant and relationship based literacy education for teen parents. Mother Tongue Project offers support for pregnant and parenting teens in high school and sees teen parents as students who are especially motivated to engage with their education.  Mother Tongue Project strongly believes in creating a culture of encouragement, high standards, and academic achievement for students and their children. The Mother Tongue English Class meets for 1-1.5 hours daily at Capital High School for the duration of the academic year. Students meet with their mentors for 1-2 hours twice each month. Mother Tongue actively seeks former teen parents who have gone on to achieve college degrees and professional successes to serve as mentors. Three integrated programs form the Mother Tongue Project:
1. Mother Tongue English Class is a college preparatory class tailored to critical thinking, reading, writing, and expression.
2. Mother Tongue Library is a diverse, high-quality collection of literature that addresses issues of sexuality, teen pregnancy and parenthood, shifting identities, sexual politics, and the roles of maternal voices.
3. Mother Tongue Mentors is a community of former teen parents who have achieved academic, professional and personal goals, and who mentor current teen parents as real-life role models.

Teaching children how to read or reading with children offers students behavior and academic progression. Reading helps increase literacy, vocabulary, and exercises memory through comprehension. Reading enthusiasts are most valuable at all elementary and K-8 school sites. Available as needed throughout the district. Available as needed throughout the District. 

RSVP provides seniors age 55 and over with a variety of engaging volunteer opportunities that aim to meet vital community and school District needs. RSVP supports volunteers through free supplemental insurance, providing access to conferences and trainings, hosting volunteer appreciation events, and distributing recognition gifts and thanks. Volunteer hours vary depending on the opportunity!
  • SAGE (Services for Advanced and Gifted Education) Mentorship Program

The SAGE (Services for Advanced and Gifted Education) Mentorship Program supports students who are ready to develop their talents as protégés in formal mentorship experiences. Mentorship experiences are facilitated in class for high school elective credit and outside of class guided individually by gifted education teachers. Together, protégés and their mentors, who are active SFPS volunteers, set goals for independent learning with the goal of completing a culminating product to be shared with a broad community audience at the end of the school year. With the help of a mentor, students will gain specific skills and knowledge that are beyond the scope of school, as well as social connections and practical skills that may help propel students to better realize their high potential.

STEM Afterschool Programs are available at all of our participating 21st Century Schools. Volunteers participating with STEM programming will assist teachers and facilitators with a variety of STEM activities.

Santa Fe Public Schools offers a variety of different summer programs for students. Each program offers a variety of services that could use volunteer assistance in an assortment of different areas. Summer programs and volunteer needs are determined around January each year. 

Capital High School's Teen Parent Program is seeking tutors for young mothers/students in their program. They would like to focus on help with high school math. Tutoring hours are during the lunch hour (Mon/Tues/Fri 12:20-1:10 and Wed/Thurs 12:35-1:25) once per week to accommodate student schedules.

The Truancy Task Force works to decrease truancy/absence related issues throughout the District. Volunteers are needed to assist Truancy Coaches at the secondary level with entering conference notes, ensuring truancy letters are being sent out/suppressed as needed, tracking student follow-up forms and potentially providing initial contact with students/families.

Classroom, one on one, or afterschool tutoring is encouraged and needed at all grade levels in all core subject areas. Inventorying your interests and skill sets will help to determine placement. The primary focus would be to bring students to grade level in English, math, social studies and science. Available as needed throughout the District.

Virtual Tutoring is an opportunity available through continuous learning  and distance learning initiatives. Assimilating to what is referred to as the “new normal,” Virtual Tutoring allows volunteers to assist students through the Google platform in a variety of subjects. Working closely with the teacher to identify the needs of the student, Virtual Tutoring allows focus on targeted areas of tutoring. 

Please see all Virtual Tutoring Resources here:  

Virtual Tutoring Protocols and Best Practices

Volunteer Portal Instructions

Each individual school site has a number of volunteers that support the site’s vision and goals. A Volunteer Liaison may be the primary point of contact for any particular site. This person informs volunteers about relevant details and best practices and supports placement and scheduling specific to their site. Available as needed throughout the District.  

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