Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)


At Santa Fe Public Schools it is our belief that all children can learn.   It is not only our belief but also our responsibility as educators to discover the connection to each child’s success both academically and socio-emotionally so that your children may develop their talents and help them reach their dreams.    Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)  is a framework that is used to ensure all students learn.

It is our goal is to provide the most effective education for EACH student.   We utilize a three-tiered approach with varying levels of support beyond the core curriculum.  You are an important part of this process.  Your decision to bring your child to school, read and do homework with you child will be the best foundation you can lay for helping your child’s success.  When a student is struggling and not making adequate progress the SAT (Student Assistance Team) process is started.

In the first level of support, the classroom teacher uses different strategies and may use additional or different materials so that your child is successful.   In the event your child is not making progress, we use a student support team approach.  This means school staff meet with  parents to review your child’s progress and to tailor an individual plan of support with interventions.  These are called Tier I Interventions and are developed in the team meetings based on data that can include tests scores, class work, homework and other important information that may affect learning and social-emotional development.    

These interventions are put into place for nine weeks, with progress monitoring (every two weeks).  We need to know if what we are doing is working!  The team (remember you are part of the team) meets again in nine weeks to see if the student has made progress and is on track.    If everything is working, we continue with the interventions and if not we continue with Tier II interventions. 

Tier II interventions are ramped up interventions that are very specific and skilled based.  We may increase the intensity and duration as well as decrease the group size.  We look at the data every two weeks to make adjustments to our work with the student.  After nine weeks the team meets and looks at the data, which includes student work, test scores, progress monitoring and any other important information.  If everything is working, we continue with the interventions; however in the event that after 18 weeks of additional help the student is still struggling, the student assistance team determines if a special education evaluation is necessary.  

We encourage you, as the person who best knows your child, to join us as a member of this team. We believe that we have the responsibility to make ALL students successful and we do that one child at a time.

Please feel free to contact your teacher, principal or myself to answer any questions about this process.

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