Student Nutrition

Student Nutrition Best Practices Disinfecting Procedures

Kitchen disinfection will continue as always for routine cleaning using our regular chemicals, which are approved for this and other viruses.

• More frequent wiping down of the serving line and pin pad will begin between groups if students are coming through the line.

• Door knobs and equipment that students may touch such as the milk cooler will be wiped down in between groups.

• Changing out and sanitizing utensils between groups if coming through the line.

Eliminating ID cards requiring students to quickly learn their ID number. If students learn their ID number, we may also be able to eliminate the pin pad.
• Pulling all food behind the line if necessary in order to control touching of utensils and contamination.
All food will be served from behind the line upon hybrid re-entry.
•The share box will only allow packaged items that are able to be wiped down with
sanitizer or will be eliminated all together. There will be no share box in place at this time.
• Silverware will be handed out by the cashier or cooks to reduce the number of hands that touch it.

 Student Nutrition Social Distancing:

Staff will work separately as best as possible while prepping food. Type of service will determine kitchen staff requirements.

• If coming through the line, only one class at a time in line keeping 6-foot distancing. Markers will be on the floor to keep students apart while waiting to receive their tray.

• Tables will need to be set up to keep students apart from each other, only allowing a
certain number of students at a table. If possible, utilization of outdoor areas or commons areas may be used.
• If in the classroom, the most efficient service would be students coming and picking up a tray and going back to the classroom.

•Staggered service for grades or classrooms is recommended. Service will be quick (less
than 5 minutes) if only 20-30 students are in line at one time, especially if our staff is serving all items behind the line.

• A variety of service options may be necessary depending on the site. Principals will need to be involved in deciding how they want service to be carried out that will be the most efficient.

Student Nutrition Hygiene Practices:

• Staff will wear gloves during prep and service.

• Staff will wear masks if required.

Cashiers will be required to wear a mask and wear gloves at the point of sale since that person is in close contact with students. We will also offer a shield if the cashier feels more comfortable with both mask and shield on during service.
• Increased frequency of hand washing will be required.

• Washable masks will be laundered and dried at the end of each day at high
-heat temperatures.


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